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100 NE 38th str & NE 1st ave. Design District, Miami, U.S.
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Project Team

Construction Documents:
Arch. Milca Amado,
Arch. Julieta Setton
Concept design
Arch. Vanik Margossian
Arch. Vanik Margossian




Façade intervention 345 sqm


Arch. Juan Ignacio Rosales


Alejandro Perez - Architect of record.



Concept Design

HMA Arquitectos ( Advisors )


Design Developments

HMA Arquitectos ( Advisors )


Construction documents

HMA Arquitectos ( Advisors )


The proposal is a façade intervention in the Design District area in the city of Miami, an area characterized by being considered a rich catalog of very elaborate and brilliantly designed façades.

Although the intervention on the existing 132 ft x 60 ft (40 m x 18 m) building had to consider this influential environment, it was not conceived as provocative but rather sober given the brand’s commercial proposal.

It is an all aluminum system, from its structure to its panels, with a 3 mm thick warm white color. Designed through a continuum of folds of different rhythms that give the facade movement and dynamics, emphasizing the longitudinality of the building.  There are three areas that are specifically accentuated with greater depth in their folds suggesting a different function in the façade.

The system was designed to interact with each other, in other words, they are hooked together to cover with the same panel the system’s own anchors. All the paneling is assembled on aluminum tubes, which far from hiding behind the system, it manages to propose a modular presence that suggests a smooth and sober order.